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Cryptocurrency bankers from China and Russian altcoin entrepreneurs on recent ICO ban

12 September 2017 21:00, UTC
Anastasia ROMANOVA

A press conference has recently been conducted in Russia by the cryptocurrency platform KICKICO. It was dedicated to the Chinese-Russian alliance in the blockchain industry.

Among the speakers were:

  • Eric Gu – the CEO of the Metaverse Foundation
  • Evgeniy Hata – the chairman of the board of directors in CyberTrust
  • Anti Danilevsky – the founder and CEO of KICKICO
  • Scott Freeman – the CEO of C2CX

Due to the recent ban of cryptocurrency investments in China, the mutual agreement between CyberTrust and SZZC Group, the biggest Chinese blockchain market player, has been postponed until further notice, stated Eric Gu, the chief executive of the Metaverse Foundation.

Eric was called from China right before the conference. He was told that his company would not be able to sign this agreement, as the Chinese legislation no longer allows it.

According to Eric Gu, the situation has become extremely complicated, but he hopes that the government of China will fix this situation one way or another, and the blockchain technology will prosper in his country, like in all other countries in the world. He noted that he plans to develop further strategic partnership ties with the Russian KICKICO platform. To do this, the Chinese delegates promised to make an investment of 25 million U.S. dollars. During the next year, Metaverse and KICKICO will create up to 100 ICO projects together.

“The Asian markets are most perspective for us, considering the investment potential of the Chinese players. This market is one of the most solid in the whole industry, as in recent years, China demonstrated an exponential growth of cryptocurrency economy,” noted the representative of KICKICO, Anti Danilevsky.

CyberTrust, the cryptocurrency bank based in Luxembourg with Russian founders in charge and C2CX, the Chinese cryptocurrency trade platform, have signed an agreement to launch the joint-operated CyberEx cryptocurrency exchange that will support the Russian ruble. This is the first exchange in the world that will work with ruble payments, allowing them both to private and institutional investors. To make the exchange function successfully, CyberTrust is ready to give 10 million U.S. dollars in cryptocurrency, and C2CX – to provide working capital equal to $80 million.

The exchange creation has been announced yesterday by the representatives of both companies. The agreement was signed by Scott Freeman, the executive director of C2CX, the Chinese 3rd-generation trading platform for managing digital assets, and Evgeniy Hata, the chief executive officer of CyberTrust S.A. The former company, based in China, was attracted by the latter company, which is a cryptocurrency bank and one of the biggest digital currency traders. This cooperation will help launch and keep the CyberEX exchange operations top-notch.