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ClearSky: a Single Hacker Group Is Behind Attacks on Crypto Exchanges

Anna Martynova

A recent report of ClearSky, an Israeli cybersecurity firm, said a group of hackers from the Eastern European region managed to steal digital assets totaling $200 mln in two years. A group of hackers has various names: CryptoCore, Crypto-gang, Dangerous Password and Leery Turtle.

Boaz DOLEV, co-founder of ClearSky, believes that this community consists of three to four people. Despite the fact that the group of hackers is small, it acts very quickly. The report also states that the criminal group does not have military training or government support. Unlike other hackers, this community does not use VPN. According to experts, crypto exchanges do not have a security system similar to the banking one, as a result they become victims of such groups.

Dolev also noted that in 2020 due to the move of employees to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic, the risk of attacks increases. Since the pandemic began, ClearSky has already recorded the activity of the CryptoCore group.

Image courtesy of Hackernoon

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