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Cisco patents cloud mining tech

Cisco has won a patent for the crowdsourcing cloud computing technology which can easily be used for digital currency mining, tech periodicals note. The filing seen on the USPTO website explicitly mentions Bitcoin mining as one of the opportunities among shared security systems and governmental structures. The basic distinct feature is that the resources used for cloud computing would have been unused by the computer otherwise.

Cisco has been seen engaging with IOTA and it is one of the participants of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The same corporation has once made a report in which it has described a mechanism of cryptocurrency theft through fake advertisement materials. This all indicates that the firm is perfectly aware of the new fintech trends and is possibly developing other projects related to the sphere.

14-11-2017 21:00:00  |   News

The website of the USPTO often gives an opportunity to show the corporate plans without violating the principle of commercial secret. Bitnewstoday has described the filings made by PayPal, Dell, Goldman Sachs, Mastercard and many other notable players on the high-tech market.

Image courtesy of pcmag.com

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