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China sets 5 criteria for a successful blockchain project

The government of China will rate blockchain enterprises, including those working with cryptocurrency technologies even despite the ban on ICOs, exchanges and pressure towards miners. This has been reported by the cryptocurrency-focusing media and confirmed by local sources citing a governmental press release.

Most widely-known cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash) are reportedly on the list of reviewed projects, as well as less famous coins like Komodo or ARK. Five criteria which help to determine the best projects (not only Chinese):

  1. The project must have its own blockchain network
  2. Public nodes creation is allowed
  3. The project has its own network browser
  4. The source code of the project is open to public
  5. The project has a website for feedback with the developers

The future news on the updates of this rating may affect if not the whole world cryptocurrency market, then surely its Southeast Asian part.

Forbes, while initially being skeptical towards digital currencies and the related business, has made its own rating of crypto billionaires, stating it would be hard to ignore the economic phenomenon by now.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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