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BREAKING: Cryptopia Exchange Hacked. The Police Starts An Investigation

Denis Goncharenko

Cryptopia, a small crypto-exchange, mainly trading small-cap assets, posted the unpleasant news on Twitter today. The representatives of the company state in their tweet that on January 14, the platform with a total volume of daily digital assets trade of about $1 mln has become a victim of security vulnerability. The report states that hacking has led to "significant losses", but the exact amount of the stolen cryptocurrencies is not disclosed at the moment.

Just before that, thirteen hours earlier, the company stated that it was “experiencing unscheduled maintenance.” Such news served its users as a warning that the exchange has probably become the victim of a hacker attack. As soon as the top management of Cryptopia learned about the incident, they took the mentioned measures as a necessary step for the staff to assess the losses.

After the incident, a team of Cryptopia employees, mainly based in New Zealand, contacted the relevant authorities, including the local police and the “high tech crimes unit.” Currently, these organizations have started the investigation. Representatives of Cryptopia announced the suspension of crypto trading on the exchange until a proper investigation would be completed.

Image courtesy of Bcoin4you

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