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Blockchain for 3D rendering will use collective GPU power

Jules Urbach, the head of the Los Angeles-based company that specializes in 3D graphics, told NBC that blockchain could potentially improve the sphere of rendering in a way the Internet improved our lives.

He told about the system where the users can participate in creating something amazing by contributing their video chip power remotely, so that someone can participate in creation of the new film he wants to see or make the computer game release date closer. Combined forces will lead to much faster creation of 3D landscapes, models of products, virtual reality surroundings, fantasy movie characters and everything else that can be rendered. Blockchain for verifying financial transactions is only one example of how this innovation can be practically applied, but this blockchain rendering system he and his team are working on will potentially reshape the market as well.

The system developed by OTOY currently uses the computing power of Amazon, but in the future everybody will be able to help with their GPU resources thanks to the blockchain technologies, Urbach concluded and added: if used wisely and when needed, blockchain will transform our lives just like the Internet has done before.

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