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Blockchain combined with AI: the merge of innovations

Hanson Robotics, the U.S.-based company that focuses on robots, have voiced is plans to integrate blockchain in the robotic artificial intelligence. The lead scientist from this corporation, Benjamin Goertzel, has told about this innovation in an NBC program.

The cloud computing was in the previous projects of Hanson Robotics, but now they have started the development of SingularityNET. It will combine the newest artificial intelligence advancements and blockchain technological solutions.

Blockchain will certainly optimize electronic brains, but as Elon Musk lately said, the artificial intelligence should be developed carefully, as it holds threats the public cannot yet imagine. Although the sentiment was not shared by Mark Zuckerberg, who embraces the artificial intelligence innovations.

Presently, there is no indication that the digital giants like Apple or IBM are developing the AI combined with blockchain, but they might be planning to do so, as Hanson Robotics will surely not remain a sole developer in this “Blockchain for AI” sphere the opportunities of which humanity is just starting to realize.

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