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Bitmain unveils two new rigs

13 September 2017 21:00, UTC

The biggest mining rig manufacturer company in China has introduced two new devices for miners. These new devices are based on NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards.

Model G1 consists of eight modern GeForce GTX 1060 GPUs, and model G2 – eight Radeon RX570 cards. New rigs are currently posted only on the Chinese version of the website, so some speculate that they will be sold only in China. It might be, however, that the company will decide to sell it globally after success in China and they use internal market as a testing ground. Or maybe this doesn’t mean anything and Bitmain plans to sell it everywhere from the start.

When it comes to a price, G1 costs 18,700 yuan or $2,863 at the press time, and G2 – 19,700 yuan, or $3,016 on the current exchange rate. Only 500 rigs are planned to be sold at first, which will undoubtedly start a rush similar to the one we have seen with Vega 56, a popular recent graphic card that became sold out on eBay minutes after its release.