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Bitcoin Cash, the new digital asset, appears due to HF

01 August 2017 21:00, UTC

The arrival of the new digital currency – Bitcoin Cash (BCC or BCH) – has happened after all, being the result of the Bitcoin network hard fork. Thus, the new coins emerged: they share the common history with bitcoins, but they are traded under a different name.

As we reported before, the blockchain of Bitcoin system ‘survived’ because the users have activated the soft fork by the name of BIP 148. Anyway, after some time passed, the website Btcforkmonitor.info reported about some active nodes of ABC or Bitcoin Cash (Bcash). This means that the segregation of Bitcoin blockchain has indeed happened.

The consequences of this event still look unclear, some possible outcomes were described in this report. At the time of publication 1 bitcoin was equal to $2,726; yesterday, after the non-stressful BIP 148 activation, it has grown to $2,900; and sometime after the BCC arrival Bitcoin was traded at a price of $2,714.