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Bitcoin Cash now available on Blockchain wallets

Blockchain, one of the oldest cryptocurrency wallet services, has stated that its wallets now support Bitcoin Cash, or BCH. The support was previously announced back in August and now it’s finally implemented. As the company operates with 17.5 million wallets, the news might affect the price of Bitcoin Cash – but Coinmarketcap demonstrates no drastic change yet.

Any user who had Bitcoin funds in the wallet when the SegWit hard-fork activated will now find the same sum in Bitcoin Cash, and of course, the sum will not disappear if the user decides to access these funds later.

In other news about Bitcoin Cash, its community is now actively discussing possible new difficulty updates and Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, writes on his Twitter about traders dumping Bitcoin Cash for some reason, in other tweets describing the strange loss of 13 million dollars by two unknown Bitcoin Cash miners.

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