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Austrian post offices to offer the purchase of Bitcoin

13 July 2017 09:31, UTC
More than 1,800 offices of Austrian post, national postal service, located across the country will offer their customers an opportunity to purchase Bitcoins, newsbtc.com reports. Easy accessibility of exchanging euros for cryptocurrency is provided by the BitPanda service.
The possibility of buying Etherium is also planned, but there has been no official information yet.

All the customers can purchase Bitcoin vouchers amounting to 50, 100 or 500 Euros. Smaller amounts are not accepted so far. After the purchase, each voucher’s code will be activated on the BitPanda website.

Vienna-based BitPanda serves over 300,000 customers a year. The company hopes this initiative will hell to increase its transaction volume to 200 million Euros. All these factors have become a ground for choosing BitPanda as a partner of Austrian Post.

Only time will tell whether this service would be in demand. However, it is already obvious that Austria can become a promising region for the circulation of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

In the comment section under the news, readers note that Bitcoin and Litecoin are leading in the cryptocurrency battle. They believe it is the right time to buy Bitcoin.