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Algorand Foundation Announces Partnership With ICON

19 January 2022 14:50, UTC
Anna Martynova

The Algorand Foundation announced a partnership with ICON by offering the Bridges SupaGrant. The integration will also allow Algorand to join the BTP ICON working group, known for its interoperability ecosystem. Through collaboration, the community will witness the continued growth of a diverse, growing and dynamic Algorand ecosystem. In addition, the Algorand Foundation will gain a security partner through BTP integration.

The partnership also opens up opportunities for future upgrades and maintenance needed to integrate the bridge. BTP is decentralized and fully secured with cryptography, making it a viable solution in today's blockchain market. The BTP network contains several famous ecosystems: ICON, Polkadot, Kusama, Harmony, SNOW, Near, Binance Smart Chain, ICE, and Algorand.

As ICON continues to expand its interconnected network of public blockchain networks, it becomes more and more attractive for future and existing projects. Applied Blockchain will also partner with ICON to advance Algorand BTP integration.

Image: Freepik