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Abra app users will be able to buy bitcoins via American Express cards

The App Store-available Abra application and the American Express payment system combined efforts to give the users of Abra the ability to buy bitcoins using cards made by American Express, Coindesk reports.

The founder and CEO of Abra Bill Barhydt stressed that with this buying method there will be “no third-party acquirer in the middle”, and expressed his hopes that the invested efforts will lead to Bitcoin implementation acceleration in the whole world.

This opportunity will be available to the owners of consumer and prepaid cards by American Express, 3rd-party issued American Express cards, Bluebird and American Express Serve cards which can be found in many US shops like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens etc.

Bitcoin buying cap is 200 BTC per day and 1000 BTC per month, with a 4% fee.

Bill Barhydt added that the direct partnership with a company that operates both with cards and cryptocurrencies is a great achievement that will affect in a good way not only Abra, but all cryptocurrency sphere as well.

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