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A clone of Vitalik Buterin sending out scam messages appeared in the network

12 July 2017 09:22, UTC

Vitalik Buterin Twitter announced about Scam Vitalik masking under his name.He was sending messages to Ethereum wallet owners asking to do certain actions in order to avoid loss of accumulated money.

Moreover, Buterin himself got the message from his clone and informed his readers about it:

“Real Vitalik got a message from Scam Vitalik. And no, I'm not clicking on that link, and if you receive this message you shouldn't either.

Настоящий Виталик получил сообщение от псевдо-Виталика. Но нет, я не буду кликать по этой ссылке и если вы получите такое сообщение, то вам тоже не следует делать этого”.

A bit later Vitalik Buterin has published another phishing message with an example of fake e-mails on MyEtherWallet and reminded about rumors of his death in a car accident:

“Phishing, meet fake news! In other news, Scam Vitalik died in a car crash.”

Earlier false information about Ethereum founder’s death in a car crash, caused a drastic drop of the cryptocurrency price.