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Year of the Dog or the Frog? Shiba Memu vs. Digitoads' Presales Compared

10 July 2023 14:35, UTC

The Shiba Memu (SHMU) project is getting more and more attention every day, but the Digitoads’ presale is also in full effect. Considering presale events can be lucrative investments, it can be challenging to discern which bone you should pick. Digitoad and Shiba Memu boast unique qualities, but after reading this article, you’ll have a clear idea of the best crypto to buy for your portfolio.

Shiba Memu is likely the best choice for ROI

When you take into account that the meme coin market has surpassed $20 billion since 2020, there are a lot of financial incentives behind these projects. The main difference with Shiba Memu is that it isn’t only focused on peer-to-peer (P2P) services and cheap tricks. This is a crypto project that understands the importance of utility.

Although Shiba Memu’s roadmap includes many exciting doggy treats, the project primarily focuses on an ecosystem that blends AI and blockchain tech. Although there are other projects that work with artificial intelligence, Shiba Memu includes multiple products and services with the help of AI.

There are also many reasons why Shiba Memu is on track to be the biggest dog in the pack. With sights set on longevity, the project is aiming to cement itself as the best crypto to buy in 2023.

Why Shiba Memu is a pack leader

Getting traders interested in a new meme coin generally takes a lot of grooming, but Shiba Memu uses AI to get that done. When it comes to the project’s marketing efforts, it uses AI to generate marketing strategies and actively promote the presale.

It’s a low maintenance cryptocurrency that drives ample intrigue from traders by becoming a relevant topic across social media and other online forums. As the AI continuously learns, marketing strategies become more streamlined, driving long-term interest.

This helps the project stay ahead of the pack while driving up the ROI for traders. Although virality isn’t the main concern for Shiba Memu, it should occur naturally due to the nature of meme coins. Overall, Shiba Memu is capable of self-sufficiency and total transparency, giving traders what they need to invest in the presale event with confidence.

How the Shiba Memu ecosystem works

Most of the project’s ecosystem can be broken down into five different products. Each works together to deliver the best ROI possible for investors, making it one of the best cryptos to buy right now. In the list below, you can get a look at the various dog tricks that Shiba Memu is capable of.

  • Natural language processing (NLP) — Used to analyze social media posts and other online communities to identify relevant topics. This information is then used to generate effective marketing campaigns.

  • Image and video recognition — With the help of AI, Shiba Memu can track its branding elements to discern where its name and icon are being used the most. From there, marketing strategies can be adapted to refine the target audience.

  • Sentiment analysis — Positive and negative sentiment is important, as analyzing these points can help Shiba Memu become more pawsome moving forward.

  • Personalization — This helps to personalize marketing messages based on the behavior of users. It also helps drive engagement in the project, which will inherently lead to more value.

  • Predictive analytics — Through the analysis of market trends and historical data, Shiba Memu can find new opportunities for growth. This is an adaptive feature that helps the project survive in the long term.

Shiba Memu is howling at the moon

With the Shiba Memu presale generating a lot of excitement, the project is navigating the market completely off the leash. It’s important to note that the project goes through a fixed daily price increase of $0.000225 and is on track to take off once it reaches exchanges.

The project’s presale is currently at a total increase of 22.25%, and traders are enjoying the upward trajectory to a hopeful moon. Investors can expect a 119.33% increase by day 60, with the SHMU token being worth $0.0244 at that point.

Aside from the fixed price increase in the presale, price predictions for the Shiba pack leader range from 50x to 100x once it’s officially released from its cage! Traders have plenty to look forward to, and the token is currently available at $0.013600, making for an affordable entry gate.

Shiba Memu vs. Digitoads

At a glance, Digitoads doesn’t seem to offer as much value as Shiba Memu. Although the project is also in the middle of its presale, many experts feel the project will only reach $0.15 once released. Shiba Memu is clearly the big dog in this comparison.

Digitoads may be another affordable meme coin at $0.047 per token, but the long-term incentive simply isn’t there. This isn’t to say Digitoads doesn’t have its own batch of interested traders, but Shiba Memu’s dog pack is quickly taking over the block.

Traders looking for a loyal meme coin they can rely on should look toward Shiba Memu, as the crypto offers treats from multiple angles. Profiting from the AI craze and the value of the SHMU token will lead to plenty of play time for dedicated holders.

You can find out more about SHMU here.