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U.S. CBDC Ban Likely: How Will It Influence Chancer's Surge into Crypto Betting?

04 August 2023 11:10, UTC

A CBDC ban could mark the beginning of a new era for decentralized platforms such as Chancer. Chancer is fast becoming a leading solution for online betting on the blockchain, as the CHANCER token presale has already raised a total of $1.0 M by stage 2 of the event.

U.S. Politicians have taken a harsh stance against CBDCs, with a CBDC ban now a real possibility. Fully decentralized platforms like Chancer are, therefore, sought after, and Chancer has been dealt a strong hand from the outset due to these conditions.

A ban on CBDCs means decentralized alternatives could grow rapidly

As CBDCs continue to face pushback due to their programmable nature, some politicians in leading democratic countries have adopted a “Ban CBDCs” policy to protect consumers’ rights.

US presidential candidate Ron DeSantis and Congressman Warren Davidson have each called to ban CBDCs completely. This could spell good news for peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies such as Chancer, which uses blockchain to deliver a fully decentralized betting market on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Chancer recently launched its native token presale, where early backers are involved at the current price of $0.011. Chancer offers instant crypto payouts and enables bettors to create custom bets. Chancer could be holding a set of aces in a new warmer regulated environment. Excitement about this new platform is building worldwide, and mentions can be seen in prominent crypto publications naming Chancer as one of the best cryptos to buy now.

What is Chancer?

Paul and Adam Kelbie, two brothers who love a good wager between friends, created Chancer to make creating custom bets between friends a real possibility in the online betting industry. Users can set wagers on any potential outcome, from public events like the Superbowl or US Presidential Elections to private outcomes like a pool game at the bar.

As the world’s first decentralized predictions market, Chancer will allow users to construct their own bet slips with their own odds. Gamblers have complete control over their experience, creating an exciting online betting environment.

Chancer uses blockchain and automatically executes smart contracts, giving it natural advantages over its competitors in the online gambling industry. Bettors receive all payouts instantly and will no longer be subject to lopsided odds created by centralized bookies.

How does CHANCER work?

CHANCER tokens are used to create and settle all bets on the Chancer platform, which will also be integrated with several features that can improve the user experience during major public events.

Google’s WebRTC allows users to communicate with other bettors in real time. This opens the door for collaboration amongst bettors worldwide at lightning-fast speeds.

There will also be third-party mediators watching over the custom bet slips to ensure that no user gets unfair odds. In a marketplace for peer-to-peer betting, this reduces the likelihood of potential counterparty hazards occurring.

Chancer’s $100,000 giveaway prize alongside a CBDC ban could benefit the CHANCER presale

Chancer has rolled out an incredible new prize for community members during the crypto presale. Simply collecting CHANCER tokens on the platform is all buyers need to participate in a massive $100,000 giveaway event, where the team will choose ten lucky presale participants to split the entire prize pot evenly.

The Chancer presale, regarded as one of the most attractive presales of the year, could receive a massive boost thanks to early marketing successes such as the giveaway prize.

Will CHANCER reach $0.50 in 2025?

There will be a total of 12 stages for the Chancer presale. During the event, the value of the native CHANCER token will increase from $0.01 to $0.021, where it will remain until it is eventually made available on digital asset exchanges.

Due to Chancer’s unique offering within the online betting industry — a sector that is expected to achieve a valuation of $150 billion by 2030 — the price of CHANCER might increase to the price level of $0.50 by the time the next bull market in cryptocurrencies arrives.

Is CHANCER worth buying?

A CBDC ban could spark the beginning of a new era for fully decentralized online platforms such as Chancer. As countries worldwide begin to warm to peer-to-peer financial markets, Chancer’s solution could become a leading solution for the online betting industry.

To get involved in the Chancer presale, users can buy the token at the current price of $0.011. There’s a limited time to get involved before Chancer becomes a leading platform in the online betting industry, so make sure to get involved before it’s too late!

You can take part in the CHANCER presale here.