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Token resale project Mikado announced by former Telegram Open Network developer

Anton Rozenberg, ex-CTO of the Russian social network VK.com and former Telegram high-ranking manager, has decided to launch his own blockchain project called Mikado. ICO investors will have an opportunity to sell tokens they do not view as profitable anymore. Capital management experts state that the concept is relevant considering the current market sentiment. The entrepreneur himself states that all ICO founders he met have supported the idea.

In his interviews about Mikado, Anton Rozenberg has also disclosed curious details about the development of TON and on the private ICO which has happened at the beginning of this year. The concept of token derivatives has been proposed by Mr. Rozenberg to Telegram managers, but they noted that this would only complicate the business and they were overall against the resale of tokens or rights of ownership. QIWI service CEO Sergey Solonin has provided an additional reason: the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States does not allow to trade derivatives for products which have not been issued yet.

While this blockchain project may certainly increase the liquidity of second-class tokens, it must be well-implemented. The market has already seen many projects with interesting concepts which have failed in the end due to their poor management or technological implementation.

Image: cgtrader.com

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