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Stanford, Pennsylvania and Georgetown universities to teach crypto and blockchain basics

The information coming from several sources of the press in the educational institutions in the United States suggest that lecture courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain is a popular idea among students and attendees. For example, in Stanford, the graduates of which include Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, a new course of lectures regarding blockchain will start since May. The students who support the initiative note that after graduation they would get a serious advantage in the eyes of potential employers.

The University of Pennsylvania will see similar lectures since the autumn. Professor Kevin Werbach from the Wharton School believes that five years from now, it would be harder to find a business school where nobody is holding lectures on cryptocurrency or blockchain.

The representatives of McDonough School of Business in Georgetown also note in interviews that requests regarding lectures and educational events related to this theme have recently grown in quantity. One can conclude that American educational institutions, being as top prestigious and cutting-edge as they are, prefer to be the first ones in the sphere of new financial technologies education too.

Image courtesy of argsf.com

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