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Shiba Memu Eyes Price Hike: Ripple SEC Win Sends Boost Through the Crypto Market

04 August 2023 11:13, UTC

The cryptocurrency renaissance of 2023 recently received a further boost with the news of the judge in the Ripple SEC legal challenge ruling in the crypto DeFi platform’s favor. After months of barking up the wrong tree, the judge ruled that the SEC’s lawsuit, accusing Ripple of illegally trading its native XRP token on public exchanges, was invalid.

Following the ruling in the Ripple SEC case, the price of XRP instantly leaped by around 60%. Meanwhile, the world of meme coins continues to thrive in the post-crypto winter environment. One coin that looks set to capitalize on the upturn in markets since the Ripple SEC case and ongoing meme coin craze is Shiba Memu, one of the best new cryptos of the year.

Shiba Memu: not just a furry friend!

Shiba Memu is a new Web3 meme coin that has raced out of the traps during the opening days of its crypto presale, already raising $1.4m in just 5 weeks. Unlike most meme coins that rely on the cutesy charm of a furry puppy, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Shiba Memu brings so much more to the table thanks to its AI-powered self-marketing capability.

This utility is unusual in the meme coin sector, with this new pooch on the block already outrunning its sibling coins in the race to the front of the field; while this is appealing enough to investors in its own right, the ICO is structured in a brand-new way to drive immediate returns into the wallets of coin owners.

After launching the presale at $0.011125, Shiba Memu provides a guaranteed fixed increase of $0.000225 daily throughout the 60-day-long ICO. By day 60, the earliest investors will see each coin worth $0.0244, a monumental 119.33% increase. That’s quite a bone for investors to chew on!

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu is one of the most buoyant new puppies in the crypto world, doubling as one of the best crypto coins of the year. By using its keen and sensitive nose to understand what’s needed to market itself online via social media platforms and web communities, this hound stands head and shoulders above the meme coin crowd.

This eager young pup uses natural language processing (NLP) to fetch organic online mentions of the coin, both in text and images. This ability, more prolific than dozens of police sniffer dogs, enables Shiba Memu to assess investor sentiment towards the coin and enables other AI protocols to take over and shift its promotional activities accordingly.

Machine learning supercharges Shiba Memu’s incredible brain to help it learn, understand, and create its own marketing strategies without the need for owners to intervene and teach this dog new tricks. Meanwhile, coin holders can interact with the platform’s AI dashboard to observe the effectiveness of its online interactions and make suggestions on new sites to target.

How does SHMU work?

The SHMU token powers the Shiba Memu ecosystem, enabling it to thrive and grow via this interactive AI dashboard. Every interaction by owners with the platform is processed by a ChatGPT-style chatbot that uses NLP to understand and respond intelligently to inquiries. The interactive platform promotes a feeling of long-term loyalty between this clever canine and its holders that often lacks in the meme coin sector.

The advanced Shiba Memu ecosystem ensures high transparency, allowing users to understand the platform’s operations and effectiveness. When this pooch adopts a user suggestion, it’s not the dog that gets rewarded, but the owner in the form of SHMU tokens. With top-class platform security assured, Shiba Memu is a loyal guard dog with incredible charm.

Where is SHMU headed?

With crypto markets riding the crest of a new wave driven by the positive outcome of the Ripple SEC lawsuit and meme coins continuing to surge this year, analysts are already exploring what the future holds for SHMU. The current price of SHMU is $0.018100, a 62.70% rise from its launch. With daily price increases ahead for the remainder of the ICO, new investors still have plenty of scope to win big, even before the hound is released into public awareness via exchanges.

With a cryptocurrency bull market looming just over the horizon in 2025, analysts predict a huge future for the SHMU token. Experts believe the coin could race beyond $0.25 faster than the fastest greyhound thanks to its powerful AI capabilities and charming meme coin appeal. Where this lightning-fast pooch ends up once the bull market takes hold remains to be seen!

Why Shiba Memu could profit from the Ripple SEC result

The Ripple SEC lawsuit cast a massive shadow over crypto markets, with potentially unthinkable ramifications from a negative outcome. With Ripple defeating the SEC challenge, crypto markets can enjoy a continuation of the improvement in market conditions after the desperate times of 2022.

Shiba Memu stands to profit enormously from this win thanks to its AI-driven capability, the meme coin renaissance of this year, and its revolutionary ICO — with day-one investors guaranteed to at least double their holding by the time the presale concludes. Shiba Memu could be one of this year’s most exciting and profitable crypto investments. Don’t delay and risk FOMO; consider SHMU for your next digital investment today!

Find out how to buy SHMU here.