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Rumors: Fidelity Investments to set up new crypto exchange

Rumors tell that Fidelity Investments is now considering a digital assets exchange platform. They have not been confirmed by the representatives of the vast financial conglomerate.

Fidelity Investments (USA) is considered the fourth largest assets manager in the world, its sum of all operated assets totals to $2.4 trillion. Abigail Johnson has proven to be a Bitcoin optimist at a last-year Consensus conference, there are even reports telling that this company was involved in digital currency mining. This leads to believe that the opportunity of a crypto exchange should not necessarily be excluded. Such an opening would undoubtedly attract a part of Fidelity’s fiat brokerage client base to the market previously unfamiliar to them.

However, as rumors surrounding Coinbase and Ripple have already demonstrated, insiders may be true about the plans, but false about the actual outcome. Yes, Ripple had talks with this crypto exchange on the matter, but eventually the American exchange refused to list this cryptocurrency due to, as reports put it, its suspicious similarity to securities.

There are also even more vague rumors about Google which are not backed by anything except speculations. Without any credible evidence, some observers claim that the company plans its own digital currency and because of that, prohibits the ads of rivals in advance.

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