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Rockefeller's Venrock to partner with Coinfund

Venrock, a vast company created by the Rockefeller family, has agreed to invest in Coinfund, the media reports citing a trustworthy business outlet.

The messages have not been refuted over the weekend. The press has received comments from the partner of Venrock who has confirmed the news and told about what motivates the respectable organization:

“We’re really patient long-term investors [...] we’re wondering what happens over the next five to ten years. Can we have fundamental change to a number of different markets because of a disturbed ledger, a token economy that all participants can take part in?”

08-04-2018 21:00:00  |   Investments

This is a second very conservative organization which is making some steps towards the market of digital currency. Although just like in the case with George Soros, the company is not planning to develop an institutional digital asset, but the news cannot be underestimated.

Probably due to the moves made by the Soros Fund and Venrock, the price of Bitcoin has returned to $7000 level and remains above this value at the press time. There might have been other factors too, connecting the motion of Bitcoin price to a single event cannot always explain the said motion.

Image courtesy of trendymen.ru

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