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Reports: Soros Fund to operate with cryptocurrency

During the end of working hours of Friday (European time), the first messages regarding the intention of George Soros to trade cryptocurrency have arrived. The media outlets which posted the news cited their own sources in the Soros Fund - the foundation of the celebrated billionaire.

Some clarifications have arrived since the past weekend: firstly, George Soros has not said anything new about cryptocurrencies in public. Secondly, more recent messages instead tell about the macro investing department in the billionaire’s fund and about the head of the said department - Adam Fisher. Allegedly, this high-ranking manager has received an approval from his organization to trade cryptocurrency, although he has not made any bets yet. The representatives of the fund declined to comment.

George Soros has already engaged with the market of cryptocurrency, taking into account the investment connections of the fund with Overstock. This company allows to pay for goods with cryptocurrency on its website, it is holding an ICO and had plans to open a cryptocurrency exchange.

Despite the aforedescribed careful steps of the Soros Fund towards the market of cryptocurrency, the finance magnate himself has spoken sharply about this phenomenon. Once he even called it a tool of dictators. He likely meant that the stolen cryptocurrency funds have proven handy for Kim Jong-un who is under total economic sanctions for the nuclear program unapproved by the United Nations.  

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