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Nelson Mandela’s golden hands sold for $10M in Bitcoin

Nelson Mandela, the famous fighter for political freedoms and civil rights in South Africa, as well at the country’s first black president, has been commemorated various ways, including the creation of several golden copies of his hands.

The company called Arbitrade has bought the sculptures from Malcolm Duncan, a businessman who originates from South Africa. The buyer does not want the castings to be stored in a vault and instead plans to exhibit them in a world tour. These castings are exact copies of the justice crusader’s hands, one of them - of his fist.

The fact that the deal has been made in cryptocurrency might encourage crypto anarchists - those who believe that Bitcoin and other digital coins are ultimately what will bring the unfair world bank system down, although banks might have to say a few words about this concept.

Some might disagree with how Nelson Mandela’s legacy became an object of trade, but it’s hard to expect the lack of money and deals when talking about hands made of 99.999% gold. They have been created in 2002 on direct permission of the iconic civil rights activist.

Image courtesy of Darren Makowichuk / Postmedia

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