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Markets Hit New All-Time Highs: High Time For A New Top Covesting Trader


Major stock market indices and the most popular cryptocurrencies by market cap, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have all broken the records set earlier in the year and are on track to end the year with a dramatic bang.

The previous reigning champion of the Covesting copy trading module, ChamelX has retired his primary BTC strategy manager account to allow for the next wave of top-ranked Covesting traders to enjoy the limelight.

Here is a closer look at the market conditions that shook up the Covesting leaderboards along with a snapshot of the current top five to see who might become the next record-breaking trader the industry will be buzzing about.

Covesting Highlight Reel Rewind: Looking At The Last Top Trader

Rewind a few months back, and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had suffered a huge 50% collapse, undoing much of the early 2021 rally. In the months that followed, the stock market began to move sideways, eventually experiencing the worst correction since pre-US Presidential election jitters.

The previously top ranked trader made the most of the volatility and turned his strategy manager account into a legendary tale of 100,000% in total profits, and managed to do so in only a few short months.

But the best champions eventually step aside and pass the torch onto the next breed of traders who are all vying for the same type of headline-making profits. That time is now, and a new top five has taken over the fully transparent Covesting leaderboards.

Major Macro Market Shakeup In Stocks, Crypto, And More

Given the current market conditions, there’s no telling if this top five will look the same in a couple of days, let alone a few months from now. That’s because global markets have never been hotter.

The stock market setting a new all-time high, Tesla hitting a $1 trillion market cap and Microsoft suddenly beating Apple as the most valuable company were all shakeups few saw coming.

Bitcoin price is back at over $60,000 and Ethereum over $4,000 - potentially flipping these key levels as resistance turned support. If that’s the case, cryptocurrencies could continue to soar off into the sunset toward the target highs analysts have been talking of for years.

Some of these targets include $100,000 or higher for Bitcoin, and up to $20,000 per ETH. Other altcoins could perform much better than even these top performing assets. Even the stock market could move back into price discovery for one more wave up.

How Covesting Copy Traders Are Best Prepared For A Q4 Finale

The current macro conditions globally hint at an absolute roller coaster ride in the months and weeks ahead. While markets appear poised – as are Covesting traders on PrimeXBT – for another leg up. But when it is all said and done, it could be the grand finale for global markets for some time, and the start of higher interest rates and a recession.

The Covesting copy trading module connects followers with strategy managers who can profit together in an innovative way. The Covesting ecosystem is always growing, with the developers also recently launching an APY-generating tool that when combined with the COV token can yield incredible results.

Rather than stand on the sidelines waiting for a safer and less risky time to enter, nervous or novice traders can become followers and follow top strategy managers like those listed above. These strategy managers have proven time and time again that they can not only survive any storm, but can come out the other side unscathed and with more profits than ever before.

With the potential end of the bull market ahead, this could be the most thrilling final quarter of the year in finance in a long time.

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