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How to Combine the Stability of Gold with the Innovation of Digital Assets?

Denis Goncharenko

Recently, Bitcoin saw an all-time high, surpassing the $66,000 mark after the successful launch of an inaugural exchange-traded fund for U.S. investors. However, there are still many wary of cryptocurrencies, fearing the ever-volatile nature of the space. This has caused some investors to dismiss this new form of currency, preferring the safety of tried-and-true investments like gold. But what if you could get the safety gold provides with the benefits digital assets provide like competing transitions without an intermediary and instant, cheap trading?

Gold-Pegged Digital Assets

Gold-pegged digital assets link a token to a specific quantity of gold. The gold that backs these digital assets is in reserve, usually by a third party. Popular gold-pegged digital assets include Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) and Tether Gold (AUXt).

An enormous advantage of gold-pegged digital assets is that the minimum value of the token is always equal to the fixed amount of gold. However, if the digital asset becomes popular, that price can exceed the value of gold. This system ensures that the digital asset never decreases past the price of gold, creating some stability in a less-than-stable space.

The disadvantage that comes with gold-pegged digital assets is the storing of the gold that backs the cryptocurrency. Investors must be vigilant about who keeps the gold of the digital currency and where it is held before deciding to invest. If the gold disappears for any reason, the token no longer has any value.

Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB) is looking to merge gold stability with the innovation that comes with crypto. Their digital asset AABB Gold Token (AABBG), is backed by physical gold, allowing it to benefit from both gold and cryptocurrency features, maintaining the potential for price appreciation from both markets in the process.

What Sets Asia Broadband Apart

Asia Broadband, Inc. is a resource company that focuses on producing, supplying, and selling precious and base metals to primarily Asian markets. AABB has over $30 million in physical gold reserves behind their AABBG token. Their token is a hybrid digital asset backed by gold mines. The company is backing the tokens entirely by reserves, with their mining projects acting as the primary source with traditional third-party sources as a backup. This vertically integrated ‘Mine-To-Token’ concept is unique and the only one of its kind. The token’s minimum price is linked to the current price of gold, meaning the token has the benefit of being less volatile than gold relative to the cryptocurrency space, providing some stability.

Another benefit that makes Asia Broadband stand out from other gold-pegged digital assets is its vast wealth of experience within the precious metal industry. They are heavily involved in the production process, creating a unique network spanning from acquiring gold projects in Mexico to extensive client sales networks in Asia. The global sales relationships that Asia Broadband is involved with add to the potential for AABBG demand.

Why Gold Pegged Digital Assets Are Beneficial to the Current Crypto Space

As mentioned above, having a digital asset backed by gold reduces the risk of owning a digital asset. Gold can help balance an investor’s portfolio as it is both risk-reducing and return-enhancing. Digital assets provide a decentralized way to complete transactions, make transactions much faster and cheaper, and constantly implement innovative ways to trade, buy, and earn.

However, the digital assets space is volatile, so having them backed by a real-world currency like gold significantly reduces the volatility while still benefiting from the innovation of digital assets. As the value of fiat currencies drops, gold remains bullish, and AABBG looks to raise the price of gold. While the price of gold goes up and down, the price of the AABBG token will change with it. However, the potential upside price of the AABBG will be dictated by market demand. With their unique global sales relationships, they have the potential to build a large and dedicated community.

Gold-pegged digital assets provide a safe option for investors to enter the digital asset space as they can do so without the fear of owning a volatile asset. The AABBG, PMGT, AUXt, and other gold-pegged cryptocurrencies are excellent solutions for diversifying and growing the crypto space.

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