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Foremost Adult Content NFT Marketplace, Tease Fan, Launches on PancakeSwap

Andrey Sergeenkov

From Beeple's record-breaking non-fungible token [NFT] artwork sale to NBA Top Shot's distribution of NBA content and UFC’s recent consortium with Flow to integrate non-fungible tokens into the fighting industry, NFTs, as they are fondly called have experienced a sudden surge in popularity, offering content creators a unique opportunity to earn from the sale of their content.

Currently worth $18 billion according to statistics from one of the leading crypto analytics websites, CoinGecko, the majority of the revenue driving this emerging trend is from, not surprisingly, the entertainment, media, and sports industries. Aimed at offering content creators unending opportunities to earn directly from the sale of their content, NFTs have become one of the most talked-about trends in the crypto space, behind decentralized finance [DeFi].

Non-fungible Tokens and the Adult Industry

The adult industry, albeit not talked about very much for obvious reasons, is currently a $97 billion industry with more than 9.7% of the total value coming from the United States.

An early adopter of new technologies, the adult industry, since inception has welcomed, with open arms, various technologies — internet and Onlyfans a few of those. The advent and rise in interest in NFTs present the industry with an ample opportunity to suction the benefits associated with this “new technology”.

To facilitate this segue, the Tease Fan platform was launched. Leveraging blockchain technology and piggybacking on the existing model of Onlyfans, Tease Fan seeks to pioneer a necessary paradigm shift in the industry at every step of the way. Born out of in-depth venture capital-backed research, the team behind this project is keen on integrating the transparent and immutable blockchain technology into one of the fastest-growing industries — the adult industry.

Building an ecosystem for Onlyfans users, the adult content marketplace is integrating advanced protocols to guarantee content creators’ success.

The Tease Fan Ecosystem

According to the team behind this project, Tease Fan will run in two phases; a blockchain gaming platform and an NFT marketplace.

Leveraging blockchain, Tease Fan will offer community members a gaming platform where they will have to vote for their favorite content creator out of a selection of 3 each week. The content includes images, videos, artworks, et al. Content from the winning creators’ will be made accessible by the platform to users who voted for that specific creator.

Offering consumers and content creators a sustainable and suitable platform, Tease Fan, according to the team, will vet and moderate the kind of content to be uploaded. Violent images, child pornography, disturbing videos, and other inappropriate content will not be found on the Tease Fan ecosystem, the team states unequivocally.

The second phase of the Tease Fan ecosystem will be an NFT marketplace where duly verified content creators can upload and earn rewards when they mint their videos or images into tokens. An added benefit, an array of BCS coins will be supported alongside the ecosystem's native coin, Tease Fan.

Tease Fan Launches on PancakeSwap

As part of the team's resolve to position this project on the path of mass adoption, Tease Fan has launched on PancakeSwap, one of the best-decentralized exchanges [DEX] on Binance Smart Chain.

Listing on PancakeSwap means that users can seamlessly trade Tease Fan tokens for others. Besides that, you can earn rewards each time you stake these tokens on a liquidity pool [LP] on the PancakeSwap decentralized network.

Being the preeminent NFT marketplace designed specifically for the adult industry, Tease Fan, through a series of protocol implementations and collaborations, will bring transparency to the billion-dollar adult industry.

Additionally, this premier adult content project seeks to simplify the content creation, distribution, and viewing process.

About the author

Andrey Sergeenkov is a cryptocurrency investor and trader. He covers DeFi, crypto, blockchain, and crowdfunding as an independent journalist.

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