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Forbes creates a list of top richest cryptocurrency entrepreneurs

07 February 2018 21:00, UTC

Forbes, the prominent financial mass media dedicated to the world of prosperous corporations and deals, composes a new list of rich people in the world of cryptocurrency. The first one on the list is Chris Larsen, head of Ripple.

Other notable members of this list are the Winklevoss brothers, Brian Armstrong, Michael Novogratz, Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin. Interesting finding by the journalists: cryptocurrency businessmen of this list are younger than Forbes’ top 400 when it comes to the average age of both groups.

As the editor’s letter explaining the reasons behind creating this list tells, we are witnessing a moment when the cryptocurrency and related activities are leaving the black market. This letter notes that some of the current projects might become Pets.Com of their time (a website which illustrates the 1990s dotcom crash perfectly).

To enter the list, one has to make $350 million out of a cryptocurrency-related enterprise, be it investing, creating a cryptocurrency exchange or a successful digital currency.