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Dent Project at the Doorstep of the Top 100!

06 June 2023 17:19, UTC

Dent, a crypto project on the threshold of the top 100, has doubled its price in the last 7 days. This puts it on the threshold of the top 100 with a market value of about $550 million. Can this asset make it into the top 100 for good? Is a return to the 2018 ATH possible in the medium to long term? These are two questions that will run red through the entire article. Also worth mentioning is the Betfury project. Which has its own BFG token. The price of which is currently $0.0166. The Betfury crypto product will also be of interest to those who want to play free bitcoin casino. There you will find many interesting games such as crypto dice , slots, roulette and can play without deposit.

Focus on the DENT Ecosystem

The DENT project, created in 2017, is a decentralized finance project (DeFi) that allows the purchase of virtual sim cards (e-sim) on a platform that works like a marketplace.

In terms of concrete applications, the project aims to enable the purchase and exchange of mobile data anywhere in the world. A system particularly adapted for those who want to stay connected while traveling. The Dent project has already attracted more than 26 million users worldwide. In all, more than 220 mobile operators are available on the platform for nearly 142 countries covered. A project that could grow again with the gradual lifting of health restrictions around the world.

What about the DENT Token price?

The DENT asset has been available on the markets since August 2017. A token is then listed on the markets for less than €0.001. In line with the explosion of the crypto market at the end of 2017, the token will experience a surge in its price. At its highest, on January 9, 2018, a token will flirt with the €0.10 mark. That is more than 100 times more than its first known price. However, this momentum will be quickly followed by a sharp decline. In August 2018, the asset will then return, more or less, to the price that was his before the bullish phase.

If DENT starts the year at €0.00016, the asset will experience a first rise at the beginning of February and then another one in mid-March. At that point, a token will trade for about €0.003. An already significant increase.

As it had been the case in 2018 with a price increase that copied the rise of the cryptocurrency market, the project is experiencing the same fate in 2021. With a token that will climb almost to € 0.02 in early April. A maximum that will trigger a powerful correction phase and a downward trend until the end of July. A trend that seems to be on the rise again since then.

Over the last 7 days, the price of the asset has more than doubled (+102%). Over the past 24 hours, Dent has seen its token appreciate by more than 25%.

Can DENT Regain Its ATH?

At its high in January 2018, a DENT token could trade for €0.0948. That’s nearly 20 times the current price. While the signals seem to be green again after a long bearish phase, it seems presumptuous to us to assert that a return to ATH can be achieved quickly.

An intermediate step for the project could be to join the top 100 most important crypto projects. This would give it a little more visibility to the general public. For the time being, DENT occupies the 113th place for a marketcap of 461 million euros. The 100th place is currently occupied by the Horizen project, with a market cap of over 703 million euros. Thus, to regain a place in the top 100, the asset price would have to appreciate by more than 52%.

If we refer to the prediction algorithms, this appreciation of about 50% does not seem unthinkable. This is the opinion of the predictive models of the TradingBeasts platform. According to their estimates, a DENT token could see its price evolve around 0.007 USD at the end of the year, in a range estimated between 0.006 and 0.009 $. A maximum level that would then allow to nibble a little behind the top 100 projects.

On the side of DigitalCoinPrice, the forecasts seem even more optimistic. By the end of the year, the token could approach USD 0.008. The USD 0.01 mark could be exceeded during 2023. A return to the historical high seems to be ruled out for the time being on a medium-term approach.

But one of the limits to the return to ATH could be the number of tokens in the protocol. A limit set at 100 billion tokens. By recovering its ATH, the project would see its marketcap flirting with 10 billion dollars. That is the equivalent of a top 15 crypto. Hard to imagine.