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Debit Card Cryptopay Struck With Loss of License and More — Is AltSignals a Good Alternative?

14 July 2023 16:35, UTC

With uncertainty around the integration of crypto and mainstream finance high, many investors have been disheartened by Cryptopay’s recent setback, which saw its crypto debit card services suspended in Europe. Amid the sea of alternatives, AltSignals has emerged as a promising contender.

While AltSignals isn’t a crypto wallet or debit card, it does offer a much more exciting place to park your cash. In this article, you’ll learn what happened to Cryptopay, what AltSignals is, and why it’s being considered a much better alternative.

Cryptopay loses its EU license

The crypto space was recently shaken by the news that Cryptopay, a well-established debit card provider in the European Union, faced a significant setback as its partner, UAB PayrNet, lost its Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license. This unfortunate turn of events came after the Lithuanian central bank decided to revoke PayrNet’s license, leading to fears that users would be unable to access their funds.

While the impact is substantial, Cryptopay is attempting to navigate the situation, assuring its customers that the funds in their accounts remain secure. The biggest issue is that users now need to spend or transfer their balance as soon as possible in case the cards stop working. However, it has also been suggested that users can recover the card’s funds from PayrNet directly if this happens.

Looking ahead, the company has shared plans to develop a new debit card program. However, this issue has highlighted the need for more resilient solutions in the world of crypto transactions and, as the quest for alternatives is on the rise, AltSignals stands out as a promising option.

What is AltSignals?

Born in 2017, AltSignals is an exceptional trading signal provider that’s carved out a space for itself, generating over 3,700 signals with a striking 64% accuracy. This achievement has not gone unnoticed, with over 50,000 free subscribers and 1,400 VIP members supporting the platform alongside an excellent 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot.

AltSignals’ success is a direct result of its innovative AltAlgo™ indicator. This unique tool integrates a combination of 34 signal filters, overseen by a dedicated team of traders who bring their insights and experience to the table. Through this combination of sophisticated trading tech and deep knowledge, AltSignls is able to produce high quality trading signals that pinpoint exceptional opportunities across the crypto, forex, and stock markets.

This strategy has yielded impressive results. Take April 2023, for instance, when the platform’s Binance Futures signals turned over 541% with a whopping 82% win rate. Moreover, in January, AltSignals achieved 2,480% gains with a 92% win rate — results most traders can only dream of!

Satisfied users often highlight the team’s expertise and the platform’s exceptional performance as reasons for their continued custom. However, AltSignals is still striving for more. It’s stepping up its game by introducing ActualizeAI, an AI-led approach that promises to boost its results even further, and its ASI token, which will fund the new AI stack.

ActualizeAI and the ASI token

ActualizeAI is a pioneering AI tech stack designed to supercharge the AltAlgo™ algorithm and elevate AltSignal’s average win rate from 64% to 80%+. ActualizeAI employs advanced technologies like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), enabling it to identify patterns invisible to the human eye and predict future asset prices with remarkable precision. This innovation is set to provide its subscribers with a significant edge in the market.

Integral to ActualizeAI’s ecosystem is the ASI token, which is being launched to support the development of AltSignals’ mission. Not only does this token act as a key to ActualizeAI’s signal, it also offers a host of benefits and opportunities within the AltSignals ecosystem.

For instance, holders gain access to AltScalpPRO, a scalping indicator designed to boost traders’ short-term profits. Meanwhile, those with 50,000 or more ASI tokens will receive lifetime membership to ActualizeAI and AltSignals’ future products. They also have the chance to mint an Access AI Pass, which offers investors a share in AltSignals’ success through a revenue sharing model, providing an avenue for passive income.

Every investor automatically gains access to the AI Members Club, a collaborative hub for users to share ideas, give feedback, and test new features, earning additional ASI as they go. ActualizeAI’s sentiment analysis engine will also highlight red-hot presale opportunities, allowing ASI investors to jump on board early and maximize their profits.

Finally, ASI investors can also enjoy a unique privilege — community governance. This means they have a say in the platform’s future developments, promoting a sense of ownership and user empowerment within the AltSignals ecosystem.

The benefits of ActualizeAI and the potential for ASI to skyrocket as more traders learn about its cutting-edge plans have already driven significant investment toward the ASI presale, which has currently raised over $1.12m. This enthusiasm is a testament to just how much belief investors have in AltSignals, with many citing its proven track record as a key reason for their confidence.

Why is AltSignals a good alternative to Cryptopay?

The recent Cryptopay fiasco has highlighted the risks associated with parking funds in a crypto debit card, especially in light of regulatory uncertainties around these cards. As crypto investors seek more secure and potentially more lucrative alternatives, AltSignals and its ASI token presale present a compelling opportunity.

Rather than having their capital sit idly in a debit card, where funds could be frozen at any moment or face other risks, investors can potentially realize significant returns from the ASI presale while gaining access to next generation trading signals. In other words, it’s both an investment opportunity and a powerful tool for growing wealth — something Cryptopay simply cannot provide.

The bottom line

With the situation around crypto debit cards likely to remain uncertain for the foreseeable future, AltSignals presents an exciting alternative. With its state-of-the-art ActualizeAI system and ASI token, Cryptopay users could find a safe haven through the AltSignals presale. Its potential for both token returns and AI-led wealth generation offers a stark contrast to simply holding funds in crypto debit cards.

With the ASI presale only in its presale stage 2, worth $0.01875, there’s still time to be one of AltSignals’ early investors. However, the hype is building, and it’s unlikely to stick around at this stage for long — secure your place before ASI truly takes off!

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.