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Coinbase just bought Earn.com

Coinbase, American crypto-exchanger, has acquired Earn.com platform, one of the earliest best-funded Bitcoin-startups. Moreover, Balaji Srinivasan, co-founder, and CEO of Earn.com, was hired as a Chief Technology Officer.

Coinbase did not publicly disclose the terms of the deal. However, according to rumors, the cost was slightly more than 100 million dollars. Srinivasan claims that every American looks up to Coinbase since it is a blockchain leader.

Srinivasan believes that his main goal will be to recruit best cryptocurrency talents to Coinbase. His other priorities will be blockchain and cryptos popularization and Earn.com development into a paid email product. By the way, Earn.com has collected more money for a short time than any other Bitcoin startup of that period.

21 Inc previously ran a Bitcoin mining operation. In some time, the company was changed into a social network, where users could complete tasks in exchange for crypto rewards.

It was also announced that token of ERC20 standard is currently being processed for the platform instead of Bitcoin. But the main priority is integration with Coinbase. This deal has become the second Coinbase possession for the last few days. On Monday it was announced about Cipher Browser acquisition.

Image courtesy of medium.com

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