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Citrix: half of 750 interviewed UK companies invested in cryptocoins

Citrix, a company related to software, has recently made a survey of the United Kingdom businesses and surprisingly enough, almost half of the companies interviewed have invested in what some observers call “virtual money” or even “noxious poison”, as in the case with one of Berkshire Hathaway high-ranking executives. Corporate managers responsible for technological development and optimization of 750 companies were interviewed. All these companies have 250 or a bigger number of employees.

The vast majority of interviewed companies invested in the wide range of cryptocurrencies (93%), which confirms that the “don’t invest in one basket” strategy is mainstream in the financial world. Notably, top three popular cryptocoins in the research results do not repeat Coinmarketcap’s top 3 capitalized currencies: Litecoin has been bought by 54% of companies participating in the survey and Ripple - only by 33% of them.

Why do they need cryptocurrencies at all? The majority (40%) intends to pay providers, while only 4% hold their cryptos in case of a ransomware attack similar to WannaCry. In fact, there are more companies which desire to pay their employees in crypto than those who bought coins as a counter-ransomware measure.

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