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Capital Economics: Bitcoin does not worth anything and will fall down

The main reason of the future Bitcoin’s downfall to zero dollars or very low prices is the global conclusion that Bitcoin is not a serious alternative to the world payment mechanisms. In addition, the digital asset has recently started to behave more in line with the market of classic assets. This all has been stated by Capital Economics in the recent report cited by at least two independent press sources. This British consulting company was founded in 1999 and has theoretically proven that the Eurozone can be disbanded without the following catastrophe.

The real catastrophe for some Bitcoin investors would be the downfall of Bitcoin to even lesser prices, as some observers have calculated at the beginning of this year, the mining of the most popular cryptocurrency becomes unprofitable after the sudden drop.

Regardless of the further price motion of Bitcoin, it is also worth mentioning that Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday was yesterday. Of course, the community doesn’t know when this anonymous Bitcoin author was really born, so they chose his P2P Foundation account as a reference. The information might actually be incorrect and it suspiciously corresponds with the date when Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an order about gold confiscation.

Image courtesy of freepik.com

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