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Bitcoin’s price motion best since December

The price movement of Bitcoin has been extremely well during the past week (+20% and +37% in April, making it the most performing month after December 2017). At the press time, the price of Bitcoin makes $9,440.69 on Coinmarketcap.

This success did not go unnoticed among financial experts. For example, some of them, including Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, predict further growth and big values at the end of the year. Financial analyst Alexander Kuptiskevich (FxPro) also points out that some altcoins have even better movement than Bitcoin. This is likely caused by the lower price of said altcoins, this makes investment in them simpler and attracts more players. The overall capitalization of the market is growing too and this also cannot be ignored, Kuptsikevich notes.

One of the internationally known financial outlets also tells that the current growth is happening despite the recent fiat market dips and provides a quite illustrative evidence:

21-02-2018 21:00:00  |   Investments

The price of Bitcoin serves as a locomotive for other altcoins due to its share, as evidenced multiple times in history of this market. This is why the news on its price are also usually the news on the state of crypto economy.

Image courtesy of Bitcoin.com

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