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Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver offers $100,000 for freedom of speech on Reddit

One of the early Bitcoin enthusiasts and currently an avid Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver has offered $100,000 to Reddit if it vows to keep the Bitcoin-related forums with different opinions expressed, without moderators deleting posts they deem undesirable.

In the same tweet, Roger Ver has referred to a brief history of how freedom of speech was fading on Reddit - according to the author of the post on Medium, moderators have preferred the conservative approach towards Bitcoin protocol updates and they have been seen deleting comments and posts telling otherwise. As a reminder, Bitcoin Cash which Roger Ver supports is a post-SegWit digital currency, and SegWit was a protocol upgrade of the original Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin Cash supporters are sometimes promoting their point of view somewhat aggressively, their opinion must also be heard on Reddit in order to reach the community decentralization blockchain enthusiasts like to mention. However, the situation when @Bitcoin Twitter account promoted Bitcoin Cash was largely resembling a cybersquatting-and-clickbait strategy, which is the reason why it was suspended and in that case, the narrative about freedom of speech was inadequate.

Image courtesy of Roger Ver

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