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Bill Gates: I would short Bitcoin if I knew how

Bill Gates has expressed his skepticism about Bitcoin once again, as witnessed by the latest interview to CNBC. Unlike many other conservatives, the celebrated entrepreneur, ex-CEO of Microsoft and one of the founders of this international corporation would even beat on the future fall of this digital phenomenon - as he told, “I would short if there was an easy way to do it”. He also said that Bitcoin produced nothing and called it one of the “crazier, speculative things” he has met in his financial career.

The notion about the difficulty of shorting Bitcoin looks strange considering how the CME and CBOE offer futures contracts one can short. Edward Tilly who heads the latter exchange even advised another Bitcoin pessimist Jamie Dimon to “take the other side” and short. The statement was made amidst the launch of the futures platform.

Regardless, the market might use the new statement of Bill Gates as an indication of demand and open new platforms where the shorting of Bitcoin would become one of the most advertised functions. Gates has previously called Bitcoin a criminal tool that kills people, but, evidently, this time he was not so ctegorical about it.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were called the richest people in the world in different years. Coincidentally, the latter finance magnate has also recently made a statement about Bitcoin, calling it a rat poison squared.

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