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Purchase and sale of cryptocurrency (bitcoin)

29 October 2017 21:00, UTC

Where to buy cryptocurrency (bitcoin)

You can buy bitcoins or other similar electronic currency in several ways. Each action related to cryptocurrency is characterized by differences in the mechanism of processing operations, taking into account such parameters as security, speed of exchange (sales), profit.

Exchange offices. How to get started with bitcoin

These are special services where you can buy or sell funds with an electronic wallet. Due to the high level of development of the tech platform, the transactions are quick to be done. The increasing number of services, on the one hand, helps in boosting the level of competition. On the other hand, there are more and more scammers among the entrepreneurs representing the services of electronic currency transfers. For this reason, the main recommendation to the owners of e-currencies is a thorough study of the ratings of the exchange. Monitor user feedback and special monitoring systems — and then one can understand how to buy or sell bitcoins safely.

How to put money on bitcoin

The process in such services comes down to the following: the user (it is not necessary to register) selects the direction of exchange, for example, USD to BTC. The exchange office offers a detailed description of the transaction conditions: time, rate and other features. When the user’s money is written-off, the service will automatically send the amount for the exchange.

How to invest in e-currency (bitcoin) stock

The uniqueness of this method of purchasing and selling cryptocurrency is that a user may not create a wallet for storing funds. When one is being registered within a selected service, a special account is created for the project participant. The exchange account is universal,  it is possible to order various operations right out there. The account allows buying trade instruments and investing in currency pairs. This option is preferable for most users, as it guarantees security and reveals the maximum capabilities of bitcoin.

Investing through the broker offices

You can buy e-currency from professional participants of the stock market. This method involves verification on the site of the service, making a deposit in any convenient way and the subsequent purchase of a trade instrument. A lot of users wish to know how to make money trading bitcoin — the practice of working with a broker allows not only to make the simplest operations with the cryptocurrency but also to multiply its number by using such tools as leverage. One can sell bitcoins after its value exceeds the value of the purchase (speculative strategy). If a broker's client needs to withdraw money it’ll be necessary to wait for the end of the trading session.