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Best Ways To Convert Crypto To Cash on Cryptomat In 2022

11 November 2022 10:59, UTC

Cryptocurrencies are integrating more deeply into our lives every day. Until recently, investing in cryptocurrencies was the privilege of the elite, and buying bitcoins seemed to be something completely inaccessible to people far from information technology. Now, along with the usual payment terminals and ATMs, we can enjoy cryptomats. They allow to buy USDT for Euro, to exchange any desired cryptocurrency. Cryptomats allow you to do it in a few clicks. Let's understand in details what is behind them and why they are so popular now.

Best Ways to Convert Your Crypto to Cash

There are several methods of cashing out virtual money. Everyone chooses the most convenient option based on its reliability, speed and benefits. The main thing is to carefully analyze the available alternatives. Some platforms like Cryptomat offer several ways, so it will be much easier to select the most suitable one (exchange, buy, cryptomat, etc.).


Online services work with a lot of currencies. It is the most popular and the easiest way to exchange cryptocurrencies. Modern exchange services guarantee high level of security, reliability and anonymity, appropriate commissions and favorable exchange terms. The exchanges allow you to convert cryptocurrency without registration and data verification. Simple and clear interface allows novice traders to apply them.


Unlike exchanges, here you can not only buy or sell crypto, but also trade crypto assets. It is required verification to conduct transactions on the market.

Payment systems

Payeer, Perfect Money, PayPal and others. Electronic payment systems are convenient to withdraw USDT to the desired payment instrument, depositing an account on the market, performing exchanges and even paying for goods.


These are special terminals that work only with digital currency. They provide the customer with access to an electronic wallet and the implementation of the selected transaction according to the available functionality. There are cryptomats only for buying, selling, or combining both actions. Among the conveniences is the speed of operations.

Cryptomat and its Benefits

Crypto ATMs offer a number of advantages over traditional ones, including 24/7 availability, lower fees and anonymity. Crypto ATMs also allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly at the ATM, making them a convenient way to get started in the digital world. You can also rely on affordability. The exchange works legally and accepts the currency you want to pay with.  Security is another key aspect. To protect your money, some exchanges have insurance policies against hacking or fraud. 

It is also about:

  • The ability to buy or sell coins for cash.
  • The ease and convenience of making transactions – almost like a regular bank ATM.
  • Around-the-clock operation.

Safer than buying for cash from individuals and cheaper than through exchanges.

Why Convert Your Crypto to Cash?

Cashing out cryptocurrency can come in handy at any time. More so, digital money is often unstable and the opportunity to transfer it is a good way to protect yourself. It is the first reason why you should use exchanges. Unpredictable rises and falls of currency prices can cause losing your money. Stablecoins were created to solve this problem. Their prices are attached to stable assets. This protects against the volatility of the crypto market.  

Another reason is the flexibility of crypto ATMs and their ease of use. Modern technology allows you to forget about complicated processes. Everything happens online and all you have is to enter some data and exchange money. It all comes down to the fact that you need a few minutes. 

How Does a Crypto ATM Work?

All crypto ATMs have a similar buying process:

  • The verification stage (can vary significantly depending on the type of ATM),
  • Obtaining a currency address to make a deposit (can be generated and printed/ sent via email, but it's better to have the device before you),
  • Depositing cash at the ATM,
  • Confirming the transaction (currency sent to your address),
  • This process can vary for each ATM.

The Bottom Line

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where you can buy and sell crypto. You can exchange some coins for others or buy them in exchange for fiat, that is, real money. For example, you can convert bitcoins to litecoins, pay euros for them, or withdraw crypto in cash. The exchange also shows the current market prices of the cryptocurrencies they offer. Recently, exchanges have become even more popular than in previous years. You can choose the most convenient way for yourself, or use Cryptomat, where different options of withdrawing digital money are gathered. Analyze each method, consider which one is more convenient and easier for you, and work in user-friendly environment.