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Will We See The Reveal of Bitcoin's Biggest Mystery?

13 May 2019 11:10, UTC
Konstantin Rabin

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the biggest mystery of mankind today. It has been 11 years since someone under the name Satoshi Nakamoto registered Bitcoin.org and soon released the coin. Today we are living in a world where Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are part of our everyday lives and a matter of interest. Even though we have so-called cryptocurrency gurus all around us, if we think about it we do not know much about Bitcoin. Overall, the coin is confusing but the biggest mystery is the creator.

Yet the mystery might soon be revealed. A new website called GotSatoshi appeared recently. There is not much to see on the website except the question “Where in the world is Satoshi?” and the countdown till the May 14th when the real identity of the Bitcoin creator should be revealed. Those who are most curious about the reveal can sign up for the live unveiling.


It’s been 11 years now that we’ve been asking who Satoshi Nakamoto is. One of the latest attempts to reveal the mystery was made by the Australian inventor and computer scientist Craig Wright. Wright claimed to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the person behind the first cryptocurrency. However, his attempt to claim the title of the creator of Bitcoin was not successful.

So who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The Twitter account of GotSatoshi claims to be an “Innovator, developer, futurist, crypto enthusiast and blockchain evangelist.” Seemingly, the creator of Bitcoin has nothing more to say about him, her or itself, however, it does state that it is “Not Craig Wright.”

GotSatoshi Twitter account does not seem to be very serious. The person behind it has posted several tweets. One of the first tweets was about the #Ageofgeek referring to Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones. He also mentioned how he read a little Harry Potter in between studying cryptographic algorithms and systems theory. His tweets also include an inspirational quote and of course memes. To say it shortly it is all over the place. However, the idea of knowing the real person behind Bitcoin is simply overwhelming.

Will the biggest Bitcoin mystery be solved?

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The description on Twitter also mentions that real Satoshi “may know @officialmcafee. Unmask me if you can.” The text is referring to McAfee claiming that he has tracked Satoshi Nakamoto and figured out who is behind this name. He even stated that he talked with “real Satoshi who apparently was not very happy about McAfee’s attempt to find him.”

McAfee also promised to reveal the identity behind the pseudonym but backed off soon enough posting a letter from his lawyer who suggested that exposing Nakamoto would lead him to multiple lawsuits.

Not many people believe the truth behind the GotSatoshi hype. Some suggest that at best it might be McAfee’s way to disclose the information without getting into the law troubles. Others are pointing out that the whole thing might be simply a marketing stunt for the upcoming Consensus 2019 since the countdown timer will be finished in the middle of the second day of Consensus.

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At this point, it is hard to say if it is part of the PR campaign, a joke from an internet troll or perhaps real Satoshi Nakamoto? We have to wait till the May fourteenth to know the truth behind GotSatoshi and hopefully behind Satoshi Nakamoto too.

Image from GotSatoshi Facebook page