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What To Consider When Choosing a Crypto Casino?

06 November 2023 10:21, UTC

Cryptocurrencies are no longer a new concept, yet there are still many individuals who remain unfamiliar with them. Surprisingly, even regular internet users may fall into this category, despite cryptocurrencies being born from the internet. They were designed to facilitate quick and anonymous online money transfers from one point to another.

For avid casino players, utilizing cryptocurrencies for depositing and withdrawing funds, especially in a limitless casino, presents near-ideal advantages. Numerous gambling platforms now accept crypto payments, creating a challenge for some users. How do you choose the right casino provider? Check out Richard Casino Online for excellent cryptocurrency casino options. Refer to this checklist to ensure you are well-prepared for this decision.

1. Payments with cryptocurrencies must be able to be made in both directions.

Some speculators see a real opportunity in a digital currency like bitcoin. They want a piece of the crypto pie, and some of them have already succeeded in doing so in a big way. However, if you do not want to speculate with bitcoin and other currencies, but use them to transfer money, you should look carefully.

It is true that players can mostly profit in both directions from the great and most important advantage of transferring money in a few seconds. However, it is conceivable that the service provider does not offer the option to pay out winnings in cryptocurrencies, for example. If this is indeed the case, then it is better to choose another casino that provides the same options for deposits and withdrawals.

2. Make sure that the cryptocurrency you prefer is actually accepted in the casino.

While Bitcoin is the father of all other cryptocurrencies and perhaps why it is the most famous digital currency, it is by no means the only one. Over the years, other cryptocurrencies have emerged and even Bitcoin itself has spawned others.

If you already have a wallet for another cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Litecoin, you will probably also want to use it for deposits and withdrawals at the online casino. Therefore, you should make sure that payments made with other online currencies are also accepted in addition to bitcoin payments.

3. What about the gambling offer of the cryptocasino?

With all the undoubtedly exciting topics revolving around Bitcoin and Co., other fundamental aspects should not be disregarded when choosing a gambling portal. After all, players do not only sign up for an online casino because of the money transfer options offered.

It is the games that take centre stage. That is why it is important to take a close look at the range of games. You may already have a favourite manufacturer or know exactly which titles you particularly like to play. In this case, you would logically also like to be able to enjoy them in your new cryptocasino.

4. Does the cryptocasino have a valid gambling licence?

The topic of security must also play a decisive role when choosing a gambling portal. By the way, this does not only apply to online casinos with cryptocurrencies, but equally to all gaming platforms. Among other things, security also means respectability, because fair chances of winning are the be-all and end-all when it comes to trustworthy gambling.

Exactly this is proven by a valid gambling licence. Of course, it must be issued by a renowned supervisory authority and the licence number must be either clearly highlighted on the homepage or linked to it immediately. A valid licence is a kind of seal of quality, so no compromises should be made here.

5. Can the games also be played on a mobile device?

Another special feature of cryptocurrencies is that they can also be bought, traded or transferred easily and in a matter of seconds with mobile devices. Fortunately, the same also applies to almost every modern online casino. This means that you can also deposit or withdraw money and play with your smartphone.

But not every game is available in a mobile version. It is therefore nothing unusual if the mobile offer is smaller than that for PC players. What is important here is that the mobile game offer still offers enough variety.

6. How does the cryptocasino stand in the favour of the players?

As is often the case, negative experiences spread much faster online than positive ones. Restaurants and tour operators, for example, can sing a song about this trend. But online casinos are not spared from this either. Today, players exchange their experiences on numerous rating platforms, and it can be worthwhile to take a look.

If a certain casino deals particularly badly with its customers, for example, because the customer service is slow to answer enquiries, then you can read about it here. Even if you should not take every particularly negative experience at face value, you can still derive something like an average overall picture.

7. What bonuses are offered to new players and existing customers?

Bonus offers are more than just advertising for a gambling platform. For some users, they even represent the decisive criterion for signing up. Cryptocasinos have also recognised this and therefore sometimes grant their players particularly attractive bonuses. Some even have special offers when deposits are made with cryptocurrencies.

But not only the welcome bonus should be taken into account. After all, you don’t stay a new customer forever and would like to be able to continue to use one or the other attractive bonus. Therefore, in addition to the new customer bonus, you should also look at the offers for existing customers before you sign up at a cryptocasino.

8. Don’t forget the terms and conditions and the bonus conditions

Last but not least, tip number eight is perhaps one of the most important. Don’t be impressed by the amount of a bonus offer alone. A bonus is only worth as much as the bonus conditions allow. In particular, the turnover requirement must be looked at very closely.

If this condition is set at an above-average level and is also linked to a short time limit, it will be difficult or even impossible to release winnings. Those who want to earn money online with a bonus should therefore pay attention to the lowest possible turnover target. In the general terms and conditions or bonus conditions, further conditions such as excluded games, countries or payment methods are also mentioned, which can also significantly reduce the attractiveness of an offer.