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What is Growing Within the Casino Industry

27 September 2023 14:14, UTC

Casino games have been popular for a long time, in which many people have enjoyed a traditional night out at the casino. In recent times, the media have glamorized casinos with the likes of the James Bond Franchise or Ocean’s Eleven, in which these films have portrayed casino life as luxurious and privileged, as well as highly exciting.

Thanks to this, the casino industry has continued to grow year on year, in which it is now worth more than $207 billion dollars globally. This figure is set to keep on rising as more and more people across the world play casino games.

Much of this growth can also be attributed to the digital revolution, in which the online casino industry has been the main money maker. While physical casinos across the world have begun to reduce and close down, the online world of casino games is thriving, in which people from across the world, no matter what walk of life they are from, are now able to access their favorite casino games, day and night.

Today, there are a huge number of online casinos available, with quality casino sites like Bally’s casino UK offering a huge variety of games for experienced and inexperienced players alike. So, how exactly does the industry remain current and continue to grow? Let’s explore this topic in greater detail below.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming has been a real game changer for the casino gaming industry. While players either had to visit a real life casino or sit at a desktop computer at home if they wanted to play casino games, today’s mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets enable people to play their favorite online games from anywhere and at any time. The sophistication of mobile devices, many of which now have 4G and even 5G technology built in, enable people to enjoy the most sophisticated of online casino games in a seamless digital experience.

What’s more, as Google algorithms penalize sites that don’t offer an adequate mobile experience, most online casinos have now created a mobile version of their website that is designed for users on the go, or even produced integrated casino apps which streamlining the mobile gaming process.

Online casino apps are able to offer players a much more customized experience. Whether you want to follow specific leadership boards, save your favorite games to a home screen, or even just be personally greeted when you log on to the online casino, this is all possible with in-app gaming.

Live casinos

Online casinos have been a game changer over the last decade, however there was something lacking where they lost some of the excitement offered by brick and mortar casinos. As such, something needed to be developed to bridge this gap.

Then along came live casinos. Live casinos are online casinos that offer dealers who are a part of the game in real time and broadcast live from a physical casino venue. As such, players are made to feel like they are in a real life atmosphere as they can interact with the dealer, while also feeling peace of mind that it is a fair game thanks to technology that closely monitors the game and the dealer. They’re also able to interact with the real life dealer, ask questions, or even engage in small talk if they so wished to.


Online payments have often been a sore point when it comes to online gaming as there are so many cyber security threats out there today. In addition, as gaming develops, players want fast and convenient payment methods that match the gaming experience.

Cryptocurrency offers a much safer and highly efficient way of paying online. Transactions are seamless and much faster than traditional payments as they do not have to be approved by a central banking authority. Instead, payments operate on blockchain technology, making them fast, highly anonymous, and incredibly secure.

Random Number Generator technology

Digital Random Number Generators, also known as RNG’s, are thought to be much more reliable than physical RNG technology. While physical factors can affect the outcome of a real life game, an RNG can ensure complete randomness. It works by using a short initial value which goes through a complex equation. Using a seed value key, a digital RGN creates a random sequence that does not have any predictable patterns.

Overall, there are so many new and continuously developing technologies in the casino sector that are helping to keep it relevant and ever popular across the world. Players should keep their eyes peeled for the latest technologies to be released and the exciting new features they bring.