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The Relationship Between Online Gambling and Video Gaming and the Potential for Cross-Addiction

25 May 2023 16:23, UTC

Some people say that playing on sites like Vulkan Casino Romania is an activity that has a relationship with other gaming activities. They also claim that it is a gateway to addiction. Is it true? If it is, what is the phenomenon behind it?

Today, let us take a closer look at the relationship between online gambling and video gaming. Also, we’ll provide you with advice on how one can maintain stable mental and emotional health.

Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction refers to a habit of playing games to the extent that a person neglects daily functions and responsibilities. Millions of people play video games, but then only a few really have an addiction to it.

What is gaming addiction? Experts call it internet gaming disorder. It is a mental disorder where a person is on the verge of losing control of themselves, lost in his game, instead of dealing with the realities of life. As a result, they do not build relationships, forget about their schoolwork and personal hygiene.

While addiction to video games is debatable, others say that it is akin to or close to gambling addiction. Something happens in the brain that causes the person to keep on playing. In gambling, the addicted person keeps looking for the thrill of winning. In gaming, the player seeks the rush of accomplishing things, like defeating a boss or an enemy.

Here are the signs of video game addiction:

  • Neglecting your duties.

  • You think of videogames all the time, even if you are at school or work.

  • You feel annoyed if you cannot play or have to reduce your playtime.

  • You still play even if you have problems in your life.

  • You use video games to deal with your problems in life.

  • You do not do other things in your life.

Is video gaming a big issue right now? Researchers claim that around 16% of gamers are addicted to it. The problem is that organizations use different definitions and criteria for videogame addiction. Until now, it is not officially recognized as a mental disorder.

The Link Between Video Gaming and Gambling

Is there a relationship between video gaming and gambling? The sad reality is that there is a link to it. Research shows that simulated gambling can lead to real-cash playing.

Once a person gambles for real cash, the potential consequences are:

  • Financial harm or bankruptcy;

  • Relationship issues;

  • Inability to cope socially;

  • Psychological harm (e.g., depression).

Based on studies, there are a few key items that we must take note of:

  • Adolescents who play daily are not likely to gamble.

  • Young people who play simulated gambling games are likely to gamble once they reach maturity,

  • Those who gamble because of simulated games are likely to gamble on horses and other races.

  • 26% of adolescents who shifted from simulated gambling will play table games in real life.

Essentially, playing videogames is not likely to lead to addiction. The problem begins when people play simulated gambling games that are easily accessible on Android and iOS. As you know, losing chips in a simulated game, like blackjack, is not that painful.

Once a person gets desensitized to losing, they would shift to playing with real cash. If they lose, they want to get the money back, and this begins the cycle of betting, playing, losing, winning, etc.

Tips to Avoid Gambling Addiction

There are some activities you can do to prevent gambling addiction from happening to you. Below are some of the best tips:

  • Do something else — plan your days ahead and do something at the time you usually gamble.

  • Get a hobby — learn a craft; you can take a hobby and spend money on other activities. Do this hobby with someone in your family.

  • Self-Exclusion — muster the courage to enroll yourself in self-exclusion in iGaming facilities. If you do, they block you from their sites for a time.

  • Get help — there are many forums and online platforms where you can get help for your gaming addiction.

In addition to all these, you must also avoid high-risk situations. As an online gambler, you must uninstall any app on your device that has something to do with wagering/betting. Do not go to parties where people gamble. Lastly, do not watch anything that has something to do with this topic.

There is a relationship between video games and addiction. However, it has more to do with simulated gambling, not with games that have missions, like Counter-Strike or Medal of Honor. Simulated gambling seems to ease the person into the habit of betting. As such, the person would eventually think that they could win by playing casino games in real life and feel pretty convinced about it.