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Featuring Competitive Faucet: Bitkong & Luckydice's No Deposit Bonus

24 October 2023 12:05, UTC

In the ever-evolving crypto gaming scene, casinos continually introduce alluring features. The ’faucet’ or ’no deposit bonus’ stands out, allowing players to test games and earn crypto without initial investment.

Notably, certain casinos have unveiled faucet tournaments, adding a unique twist to the no-deposit bonus arena. These innovations significantly enrich the gaming journey, opening doors to rewarding prospects.

Introduction to Crypto Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are pivotal in attracting players to casinos, promising added value and enriched experiences. While traditional casinos offered bonuses like free spins and deposit matches, the rise of crypto casinos revolutionized these incentives. Embracing blockchain, these online platforms introduced more transparent and unique bonuses, epitomized by the ’faucet’ or ’no deposit bonus.’

This innovation, especially evident in Bitkong and Luckydice, underscores the industry’s evolution, offering players genuine value in a decentralized, player-focused environment.

Unpacking the Faucet Mode advantages (No Deposit Bonus)

The No Deposit Bonus, in essence, creates a win-win situation for players and the casino equally, here’s why:

Advantages for Players

  • Risk-Free Exploration: Players can try out a casino’s offerings without committing any of their funds. This allows them to get a feel for the platform, its games, and its features without any financial risk.

  • Builds Trust: Offering a no deposit bonus can build trust between the casino and the player. It shows that the casino is confident in its offerings and is willing to let players try them out for free.

  • Potential for Real Profits: Even though players don’t deposit any money, they can still win real money or tokens. This potential for profit, even without an initial investment, is appealing to many players.

Advantages for Casinos

  • Attracts New Players: For casinos, no deposit bonuses serve as a powerful marketing tool to attract new users. Many players are more likely to sign up if they can start playing without an initial deposit.

  • Loyalty and Retention: After using the no deposit bonus, players might be more inclined to deposit their own money and continue playing. It can serve as a gateway to a longer-term relationship with the casino.

Bitkong and Luckydice’s Faucet: How to Win Free Crypto

Bitkong and Luckydice share the same mechanics for their no deposit bonus, they are working together with the ERC-20 token, KONG.

So all their efforts are going to the same project.

What is KONG?

KONG tokens are decentralized cryptocurrencies. An ERC-20 token designed to improve your gaming experience with special rewards and features.

How to Get Free Crypto: KONG Tokens

So let’s see how to earn money by just playing in crypto casinos, specifically Bitkong and Luckydice.

1. Register at BitKong and/or Luckydice: Use an email address or with any supported Web3 wallet. Suppose you choose to register with a wallet. In that case, you’ll enjoy a fully anonymous gaming experience since they won’t even keep a record of your email address, thanks to our strict no-KYC policy.

2. Claim Your Faucet Drops: Head to the bonuses section, where you can easily claim your drops on the Faucet Refill. These drops will be added to your balance and become available for you to use.

You will get a different amount of drops depending on your Bitkong or Luckydice level, you can get up to 3600 drops daily. Here is how, look:

Adventurer or Shimin: 1 drop every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 10 minutes.

Champion or Ninja: 1 drop every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 1 hour.

Hero or Samurai: 2 drops every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 1 hour.

Master or Daimyo: 2 drops every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 3 hours.

Legend or Shogun: 4 drops every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 3 hours.

King or Emperor: 4 drops every minute. The faucet will fill for up to 6 hours.

3. Start Playing: Once your faucet drops are credited in your balance tab, you can dive into the games. Choose any game you wish to play in Faucet mode, which means play betting your faucet drops. By doing this, you will increase the waggered money on the faucet tournaments.

4. Monitor Your Progress: Keep track of your performance by checking your position on the Faucet Leaderboard, conveniently located within the bonuses section.

5. Claiming the Faucet Prize: After you’ve proven your skills and beat the other players, you’ll win a piece of the Faucet prize pool. Once you’ve won, you’ll receive a notification in the “Available to claim” tiles.

How to Make the Most Out of the Faucet Tournaments?

Maximize your KONG earnings by strategizing your playtime. Bitkong and Luckydice host hourly tournaments, rewarding the top 50 players who wager the most. Instead of starting late in the hour, wait for the next tournament for a better chance to climb the leaderboard.

Also, remember that prizes, between 1000 to 3000 KONG, double on weekends and randomly triple during the week. Check the dashboard for current rewards.

What to Do with Your Rewards: Earning More Crypto

After getting KONG you can then swap for other crypto in exchanges like Uniswap or participate in tournaments to get more KONG. You will also receive KONG cashback and claim rewards based on your wagering activity.

Final Tip: Crypto Staking

Bitkong and Luckydice’s No Deposit Bonus feature is complemented by the ability to stake KONG tokens. After earning KONG, players can access the bonuses dashboard to view rewards and engage in staking.

The platform provides estimated earnings, eschewing traditional APR or APY for rewards based on the casino’s house edge, with stakeholders passively receiving 50% of the profits. The staking platform is straightforward, allowing flexible withdrawals without penalties, and immediate unstaking for use or exchange on other platforms.

Conclusion: The Future of No Deposit Bonuses in Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos are reshaping online gaming with innovations like the no deposit bonus, particularly on platforms like Bitkong and Luckydice. These features provide a risk-free platform for players to engage and earn KONG tokens, enhancing trust and participation.

The diverse uses of KONG tokens highlight the growing integration of cryptocurrency in gaming, extending beyond play to include earning and investment. As these trends advance, the faucet mode stands out as a key player in this evolution, suggesting a watchful eye on Bitkong and Luckydice is advisable for those navigating the crypto gaming sphere.