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Ripple’s Top Managers Voiced Their Expectations from the Crypto Market in 2020

Denis Goncharenko

CEO of Ripple Brad GARLINGHOUSE expects the largest banking institutions in the world to trade digital assets and provide custody services, as he voiced it in the corporate blog Ripple Insights.

Together with other team members, he also expects that many national currencies will go digital next year. Garlinghouse says the industry will see a “consolidation” of crypto companies, which means that many of them are likely to disappear from the market.
“The world doesn’t need 2000+ digital assets. While I don’t think there will be one coin to rule them all, it’s clear that if an asset doesn’t have a proven use case beyond speculation, it is not going to survive.”
As a part of the report, other interesting predictions from Ripple executives were also revealed. So, Asheesh BIRLA, senior vice president of product, believes that more and more mobile wallets will integrate blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Thus, they will be able to keep up with the digital economy. Marcus TREACHER, senior vice president of customer success, states that international payments will make life easier for travelers and with the advent of more and more consumer solutions based on the blockchain, “the payoff will — quite literally — be huge!”

Image courtesy of Newconomy Media

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