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Hot Markets for the Coming Year 2020

The investment community has already put together its set of expectations for the new year. Most are counting on several brand-new industries to deliver solid results for investors. In fact, most online and media gurus view home security firms, healthcare manufacturers, cannabis startups and precious metals as potential winners.

What does this mean for investors? By focusing on key market segments, it is possible to whittle away the weaker companies and find stocks that offer a high probability for substantial profit. The quest begins by identifying specific corporations and seeing what each segment has to offer. Here’s a summary of how to gain an advantage early in the year from the market sectors that stand to deliver top performance:

Precious Metals

For the crowd that always thinks the stock market is poised for a fall, gold and silver are eternally attractive. But lovers of the shiny stuff have a lot of company this year because both the S&P and Dow are at historic highs. There’s not much more room to soar, so the thinking goes. That fundamentally portends a glowing year or two for precious metals, the standard hiding place for investors who take a beating in a declining market, or who risk dying of boredom in a sideways one.

Gold has been having a good year, and so has silver. If the record-high share prices on the major exchanges begin to tumble, a little or a lot, watch for both of the mainstream metals to surge as much as 10 percent. Silver usually rises faster and farther than gold, in percentage terms, so get ready for high price swings in the precious metals sector if the Dow or S&P falters.

Using Penny Stocks to Invest

Penny stock enthusiasts who want to get in on the action can narrow their choices in several ways. First, they might want to focus on healthcare micro-companies whose shares are selling in the $1-$5 range and have shown signs of recent upward movement. Knowing which penny stocks to watch can be tricky, but sticking with the strongest sectors can remove at least some risk from the inherently high levels of volatility that often visit the penny shares. There are even a few cannabis shares in this range that might be worth examining.

The Coming Cannabis Wave

The cannabis sector is a unique animal because much of its profit potential is tied to legislation in Canada and the U.S. So far, Canada has outpaced its neighbor in opening up the marketplace for all the products that emanate from the humble little plant that was once the scourge of the law enforcement establishment. As individual U.S. states continue to pass laws that make medical and recreational products fully legal, this sector’s major players could see a huge leap in profit-making.

Aging Populations Propel the Healthcare Industry

As all the Western nations’ populations continue to see larger numbers of seniors than under-50 contingents, healthcare services and products will continue to be a smart investment play. The entire segment has seen solid growth for the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down.

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