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Experts Say Crypto Winter is Ending. How Will This Affect Bitcoin and Metacade in the Second Half of 2023?

17 May 2023 09:07, UTC

Significant movements in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) have shown the crypto winter of 2022 may be drawing to a close, as the entire crypto market has seen some bullish price action during 2023 so far. Metacade, the new gaming project, has made great strides as the platform builds the next wave of innovative dApps in Web3, with Metacade’s MCADE coin being one of the most exciting gaming tokens on the market.

Crypto winter ending as the price of Bitcoin heats up

The crypto winter of 2022 saw a disturbing market crash, with many top projects seemingly capitulating. The price of Bitcoin fell over 75% from its all-time high, and even more alarming was that many altcoins lost 90% of their total market capitalization.

The year 2022 depressingly culminated in the collapse of FTX, which made most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, fall into deep bear market lows. The price of Bitcoin dropped to just $16,000 in the aftermath of FTX; however, 2023 has seen some good price action.

The price of Bitcoin more than doubled from its November low during the opening months of 2023, with many altcoins also seeing some impressive price action. One of the most exciting altcoins in the crypto market during this period has been Metacade, which launched the MCADE utility token during a highly successful presale event.

The MCADE token presale attracted $16.4 million worth of investment and completely sold out during most fundraising rounds. Since then, Metacade has gone from strength to strength and has now been listed on major centralized exchanges, including BitMart, Uniswap, and MEXC.

Could the price of Bitcoin reach $220,000 in 2025?

The price of Bitcoin is typically driven by its halving cycles. Bitcoin halving arrives every 210,000 blocks, which takes approximately four years. The halving is important as every halving occasion has kickstarted a new crypto bull market, as Bitcoin becomes increasingly scarce due to the mining rewards being cut in half.

The next Bitcoin halving is due to take place in April 2024. Therefore, price analysts expect the next cryptocurrency bull market to occur between 2024 and 2025, which could push the price of Bitcoin up to new all-time highs. Many analysts expect that the price of Bitcoin will reach $100,000, with the possibility of reaching $200,000 during a blow-off top.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is being launched to become the first community-driven arcade. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will contain the most extensive collection of play-to-earn (P2E) arcade games in the Web3 ecosystem. Every single game in the metaverse arcade will have integrated earning potential for players, which makes Metacade stand out as unique in the realm of blockchain gaming.

As well as this, Metacade aims to become a central hub for blockchain users. The project extends core play-to-earn mechanics into other features, which will include rewards for content creators and blockchain professionals, as well as gamers. Metacade’s community hub will display the latest trends in the blockchain gaming sector and connect gamers,

investors, and entrepreneurs in brand new ways.

How does MCADE work?

The MCADE token’s core utility is to provide rewards in the metaverse arcade. As well as this, token holders can use MCADE to earn a passive income through the platform’s staking feature and can use the token to vote on governance proposals released by the project.

The metaverse arcade offers both casual and competitive experiences. Casual players will earn MCADE tokens while progressing through different levels within some of the most addictive arcade games on the blockchain. At the same time, competitive gamers can join paid entry tournaments to win major crypto prizes.

Metacade is also introducing a novel Create2Earn feature to reward content creators with cryptocurrency. Creators can earn by contributing to the platform in several ways, including posting game reviews, sharing the latest information about blockchain gaming, and interacting with other users’ posts.

Another very interesting feature being developed for Metacade is Work2Earn. This will connect blockchain professionals to roles in Web3, as crypto companies can advertise open positions directly through the Metacade platform. Roles range from part-time to full-time and even include unique beta testing roles for blockchain gamers.

Could MCADE reach $2 in 2025?

Metacade launched its MCADE token at the end of the so-called “crypto winter” in late 2022, with CEO Russell Bennett stating that he deliberately launched the token in the bear market to test the waters and see what potential MCADE has. It has managed to attract a considerable level of investment to fund the development of its metaverse arcade. The project has been gaining momentum since it started its presale, and MCADE has now been made available on MEXC, Uniswap, and BitMart.

MCADE skyrocketed more than 2x in the space of two weeks during April. The token has extensive utility on the Metacade platform and deflationary tokenomics, which has led price analysts to forecast valuable returns by 2025. Some experts have given the MCADE price prediction for 2025 as $2.50 — which would be approximately 50x the current price of $0.022.

Crypto winter blues becoming bull market preparations: Which token is the best buy?

Bitcoin typically drives price action for the entire crypto market. BTC has always been the leading player and continues to be the largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of over $500 billion. However, Bitcoin suffers from the law of diminishing returns once it hits higher levels, so a promising new project like Metacade may tempt adventurous investors.

Metacade was lucky enough to avoid the effects of the crypto winter of 2022 because it was just starting its presale. Considering the sky-high potential during the more favorable market conditions Metacade is currently experiencing, it’s no wonder the token continues to rise in value almost every day. The continuous focus on developing interest in the Metacade community, coupled with the coming launch of the platform due in the second half of 2023, should make MCADE tokens a profitable buy after the crypto winter.

You can find more information, including how to buy MCADE, here.