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Dubai Blockchain-Dream Swam Away From Atlantis

Daniil Danchenko, Catherine Lange

The International Blockchain summit was held in Dubai. The host country, speakers from all over the world, a five-star Atlantis hotel and gala dinner - everything was done to emphasize the status of the event. In short, the International Blockchain Summit in Dubai had high expectations. Bitnewstoday.com actively followed the course of events and took several exclusive interviews with the speakers of the event.

As the program stated, the summit should have been the largest in the industry: many project managers, start-upers, experts and enthusiasts. Discussions on the prospects and future of technology: the most innovative projects in the field of medicine, health and finance using the blockchain. The summit is always unique opportunity for CEOs to present their business models directly to investors and to communicate prior to and after the event.

In exclusive interview for Bitnewstoday.ru, Juan ENGELBRECHT, the entrepreneur and investor, MOBU's founder: "the most important at such summits is to establish closer contact with investors."

“It is always a privilege being in Dubai - the tallest, biggest, fastest city in the world! I have the honor of talking about security tokens. There were plenty of mining operations and it was wonderful meeting new people in the blockchain community. What I appreciate most about DIBS was that the event was relatively small which allowed for more personal interaction with investors.”

However, not all the participants of the summit were so impressed. For some of them expectations did not come true. For example, the founder and director of Securix Jac DONKERSLOOT was disappointed:

"There was an impression that the main goal of this event was to attract investors for the ICO founders. I did not even go to a gala dinner after that event, as I was very disappointed by the summit and did not want to waste my time again. Not all the registrated participants came to the event. Of course, we`ve done several sales during the summit. I think we had an advantage, the company's office was in the region of the event, which, of course, looked attractive to investors."

The founder and director of Bistox exchange, Arutyun NAZARYAN complained about the unjustifiably high price of tickets and the discrepancy between the declared and the reality: "Participation prices ranged between $ 5000 and $ 7000, but these expenses did not pay off at all, we did not sell anything, of course maybe somebody has sold, but I did not see it. Instead of the declared 5000 participants, only about a hundred of then accumulated, and the lectures turned out to be veiled presentations of the ICO."

Organizers have not given their comments to Bitnewstoday.com yet. It remains only to assume that the day was not so suitable for the event, in the middle of the working week. We will continue to follow the event.

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