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D’CENT is a most secure and advanced crypto wallet


www.thecoinrepublic.com 03 May 2021 01:34, UTC
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  • D’CENT offering a more secured hardware wallet with biometric authentication
  • The wallet consists of a large OLED screen that clearly displays the transaction details
  • The integration of biometric authentication has enhanced the security, and users can access their cryptos anywhere with just their fingerprints

D’CENT is what is required in the world where cryptocurrency has become more mainstream. Digital assets have entirely changed the traditional world of investments. However, where crypto is getting more mainstream adoption, it’s getting more vulnerable to crime. Following the scenario, D’CENT has introduced a hardware wallet that helps protect the coins. It helps ensure that the users should always be able to access cryptocurrency. Hence, the hardware wallet consists of high flexibility and numerous features with a large battery capacity.

D’CENT cryptocurrency hardware wallet

D’CENT hardware wallet seems one of the most advanced cryptocurrency wallets available in the industry. The hardware wallet ushers in a new generation of convenient cold storage.

On the exterior of the wallets, the users can experience a large OLED display. The size of the display clearly shows transaction details on a single screen. Hence that helps to process payments and deposits smoothly.

D’CENT has also integrated a proprietary secure operating system. Such OS allows high flexibility to deposit new coins in the hardware wallet. On the other hand, to satisfy the market demand, the team has integrated the battery with a large capacity and ensures that the wallets can be used for an extended time.

Crypto wallet with secure biometric authentication

The wallet provider aims to ensure that the users can always have ready access to their crypto coins. Following the fact, it also has an additional biometric authentication that enhances the wallet’s security. Hence, the users can instantly get the coins with their fingerprint.

On the other side, D’CENT wallets are built with Multi-IC architecture that offers the strongest protection for privacy. It also supports private key generation from a device with no requirements for any additional software.

Is it secure using a hardware wallet?

Hardware wallets no doubt offer greater security. However, it is essential to make sure that we are purchasing a decent device. Indeed, where it is tedious to find such a decent device, D’CENT has made the work easy by introducing its biometric crypto hardware wallet.

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