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Caution: Orbiter Finance Developers Allegedly Started Making Some Suspicious Fraudulent Transactions

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 03 October 2023 16:35, UTC

Users of Orbiter Bridge, managed by Orbiter Finance, are advised to exercise caution due to the observed anomalies.

Users were asked by Onchain security analysts to postpone their transactions on this bridge without a comprehensive evaluation of the situation. In addition, the following was said about the situation:

  • In Discord, the team account now shows as “Deleted User”.
  • There are numerous reports of users not receiving their funds.
  • No one from the team cares about the problems experienced by users.

Orbiter Finance is known for its decentralized cross-rollup Layer 2 bridge that supports zkSync and Arbitrum. The bridge is used to connect multiple layer-2 chains with Ethereum.

According to recent reports, an “exit scam” may be occurring on Orbiter Finance.

*This is not investment advice.