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Shiba Inu Cold Wallet to Offer Upgraded Features and a Smart Backup System

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 02 June 2023 16:45, UTC

Tangem releases a limited edition hardware wallet exclusively designed for Shiba Inu holders, offering upgraded features and a smart backup system.

Tangem, a leading provider of secure hardware wallets, has announced the release of a limited edition Tangem Hardware Wallet exclusively designed for Shiba Inu (SHIB) holders. The wallet boasts impressive features such as a streamlined design and a smart backup system.

The company took to Twitter today to share the development, revealing that only 5,000 wallets will be available for purchase. Considering the limited stock, Tangem urged investors to act quickly to secure their wallets.

Become the unique holder of SHIB X Tangem Hardware wallet @LucieSHIB @shibarium_ @Shibtoken

The limited edition of 5000 wallets is about to sell out, hurry up!https://t.co/vL5O4TFI7Z

– Upgraded premium packaging, materials, and design: enjoy the experience at every touch
-… pic.twitter.com/E5196jRicq

— Tangem (@Tangem) June 2, 2023

Notably, this announcement comes barely a week after the firm promised a giveaway of ten Tangem wallets to SHIB holders, as reported by The Crypto Basic on May 24.

Tangem’s limited edition Shiba Inu hardware wallets boast upgraded features, including premium packaging, high-quality materials, and an enhanced design that promises an unparalleled user experience.

Not only does the wallet support SHIB, but it also enables users to buy, send, swap, sell, and securely store other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Tangem’s hardware wallet provides seamless access to DeFi platforms, decentralized applications, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly from the wallet.

Interestingly, SHIB holders can enjoy the convenience of easy setup, requiring only a card, phone, and the Tangem App.

Tangem Smart Backup System

One notable feature of Tangem’s hardware wallet is its smart backup system. With two backup cards, users need not worry about losing their primary card or device. The backup cards ensure constant access to their crypto assets, providing peace of mind to users.

Regarding security, Tangem’s hardware wallet boasts an additional advantage over traditional options. Unlike typical hardware wallets that require users to remember and safeguard a seed phrase, Tangem securely stores the private key within the chip, ensuring it is never disclosed or extracted.

This innovative approach minimizes the risk of key compromise and unauthorized access to funds.

To demonstrate their confidence in the quality of their product, Tangem offers a 25-year replacement warranty for their limited edition Shiba Inu hardware wallets, providing customers with long-term reassurance.

Tangem Has Begun Shipping the Shiba Inu Wallet

Several Shiba Inu community members have already begun taking delivery of the limited edition hardware wallet, including some notable figures, such as ShibBPP, a prominent community member dedicated to providing updates on the SHIB ecosystem. SHibBPP confirmed the reception of the hardware wallet, noting that it is easy to set up.

As an added incentive, Tangem offers a 10% discount for the first 500 customers who use the promo code “FirstDrop” during checkout on their website. The Crypto Basic has provided a guide on how users can order for the wallet.