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XRP: Crypto Wallet Provider Ledger Issues Important Alert to XRP Holders

source-logo  u.today  + 2 more 02 May 2023 12:29, UTC

Within the last 24 hours, crypto wallet provider Ledger has issued important new alerts to the XRP community.

Most recently, Ledger warned of fraudulent token allocation program scams, targeting the XRP community in particular. It warns XRP holders to avoid token allocation claims, as these aim to steal their XRP funds. This is because these scams could give unauthorized individuals control over XRP accounts.

🚨 Attention #XRP holders!

Fraudulent Token Allocation Program scams are targeting the #XRPArmy community, aiming to steal your $XRP funds.

❌Avoid Token Allocation claims; they're scams that can give unauthorized individuals control over your XRP account
❌NEVER share your… pic.twitter.com/lyXuBz9NTh

— Ledger Support (@Ledger_Support) May 2, 2023

It urges XRP users to take the proactive measure of not sharing their 24-word recovery phrase with anyone, including Ledger employees, and not entering this phase into any app or website, while warning that anyone who demands the recovery phrase might be a scammer.

In a separate tweet, Ledger also addressed concerns regarding some customers experiencing errors when trying to add an XRP account or send XRP through Ledger Live Mobile.

XRP + Ledger Live mobile users!🗣️

Some customers are experiencing errors when trying to add an #XRP account or send XRP through #Ledger Live mobile.

Rest assured, this has no effect on the security of your funds. In the meantime, please ensure your mobile app is on the latest…

— Ledger Support (@Ledger_Support) May 1, 2023

It assures that this does not affect the security of funds, which are SAFU. Ledger urges users to migrate to the latest mobile app version if needed, as it works to restore Ledger Live Mobile's compatibility with XRP.

In the meantime, it warns XRP holders to beware of bad actors who would want to take advantage of the situation and urges them not to send personal messages to anyone claiming to be from Ledger or enter their phrases into any website.

Ledger says it will continue to update the XRP community once more information is available.

Recently, the crypto wallet provider issued a warning about a scam strategy that targets unsuspecting XRP holders, claiming that fraudsters have produced a fake version of the Ledger Live app to steal funds.


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